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What better way for readers to truly immerse themselves into the CLUB US adventures than by joining the VIP Membership Club? Being a member will enhance their reading experience and make them feel even more like a part of the each of the exciting missions.

Joining is easy. Parents just have to register their child on the CLUB US website, and download their VIP Membership Card, and Club Us Passport free of charge. As readers experience the adventures in each book, they can print the country stamps and paste them into their passports.


Members also receive newsletters with activities, games and contests, and parents are invited to join the private CLUB US Facebook Fan Club and access posts from eight CLUB US crew members to share with their children. Information will also be provided about online safety for children.

Being a member of the CLUB US VIP Club is another way to enhance the history, geography, language, teamwork, and international travel lessons learned by reading the adventure series.  

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