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CLUB US is a new adventure series involving a group of sixth grade friends (and one fourth grader) who shrink and travel the world in a miniature Accelerated Speed and Distance (ASD) Transporter to save lives. In flight they pass through a rotating black hole that enables them to arrive at their destination within minutes after departure. They have only twenty-four hours (twenty-four minutes at home) to successfully complete their mission, or lives will be lost!

We are thrilled to offer this exciting series of middle-grade adventure books that takes kids around the world to experience new languages, cultures, geography, history and more. They make friends globally and see that the world is full of people just like them.

Our goal is to expand children’s horizons to consider and appreciate new cultures and the wondrous world we live in. The series also offers a global perspective that we hope will positively influence their future lives.

Each book provides a glossary of terms learned in the country’s language, as well as historical backgrounds on the locations and monuments visited. This information will serve to encourage dialogue with parents, teachers and friends following the last page of the adventure.

Readers can also become members of Club Us on the website. Once parents enroll their child, they gain immediate access to download their official VIP Membership Card, CLUB US passport and country stamps to paste inside. There is no cost to join the club or access the above materials.


CLUB US is more than a book. It’s an experience full of life lessons and fun adventures!


“After reading Peril in Paris the first CLUB US adventure, it became apparent that this series is a game changer! For many children who are confined to one town, hamlet, city, state, and country, it will immediately increase their global awareness. The ability to weave culture, history, geography, language, teamwork, diversity, travel and lots of fun into the lives of children at this age is creative and exciting!"

—Peggy M. Selma, Retired School Administrator

          Los Angeles Unified School District

          Clark County School District


"I liked how it included a different language and also the diversity of the characters. It was entertaining and always left me wanting to read more."

—Evan, age 12

"My son doesn't like to read, and Peril in Paris is the first book he's been excited about.

We turned it into a teaching experience that has enabled him to improve his writing and spelling.  We are both waiting for the next book in the series!"

—Naomy Rojas, Personal trainer and mother of Romeo, age 10

"Reading the book made me want to go to Paris. It was also cool to learn words in French!"

—Aleese, age 9

"If you want your kids to enjoy the never-ending hijinks, swashbuckling tales of your youth, the Club Us series does not disappoint! Kids don’t just get an action-packed middle-grade thriller; they come away with knowledge of a foreign language and so much more! It’s as complete an immersion experience as your little ones can get while staying entertained. My six year old begged me to read it every night. I highly recommend the series!." 

—Tiffany Thompson, Marketing Director and mother of Emerson, age 8

"I liked the use of French (including the pronunciations). I felt like I was with the characters and could really know what it's like to be in Paris."

—Nivan, age 12

"My son is truly enjoying CLUB US and seems to be really invested! He tells me something new about the book almost very day and he’s looking forward to reading the whole series!“."

—Monique Zephurine, Teacher and mother of Josiah, age 11

"When I become President, I'm going to put CLUB US in all the bookstores!"

—Malyk, age 9

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